Where are you located?

Please see the google map on the contact page. Celbridge Counselling is based just off the Shackleton road in Celbridge, close to exit 6 of the M4 motorway. The 67/67x Dublin bus serves Celbridge frequently as does the 120/123 Bus Eireann route. The Dublin bus is also available from Maynooth train station.

What if I need to cancel a session?

As much notice as possible should be given and no less than 24 hours. If available, another session can be scheduled that week. If a pattern of missing sessions develops, a cancellation fee will be charged.

How frequent are sessions?

Sessions are usually conducted on a weekly basis, but in certain cases fortnightly sessions can work. It is also possible, where necessary, to have sessions more than once a week.

How long is each therapy session?

Although a lot of counselling sessions are for 50 minutes, here at Celbridge Counselling, each session is an hour long.

How long does therapy take?

Successful therapy for long term issues takes from a few months to several years. Some people can have immediate or crisis issues addressed and manageable within a much shorter time frame. Other people may need longer term help to deal with unresolved issues from their past.


How will I know if it suitable for me?

By the end of the first few sessions you will know if you have made a suitable connection with Sandra and if the therapy will be beneficial. Should this not happen, or a different form of therapy is required, then Sandra can refer you on to a more suitable therapist / counsellor.

What is the cost?

Each session costs €50 for an hour’s counselling.

Is it confidential?

All therapy sessions are completely private and non judgemental. The only time that anything may be disclosed outside of the therapy room is as per the legal requirements for counsellors, which include child abuse and immediate danger to a life. These will be fully explained at the initial consultation.